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    Sunroom Contractors in Rock Hill, SC since 1989.


    Rock Hill Sunrooms Inc. is a local sunroom contractor in Rock Hill, SC, and the surrounding areas of York County. We have been your go-to Sunroom builders since 1989. If you are looking for the best sunroom contractor, look no further. We have professionals who are punctual and possess the knowledge and skills to understand our customers. We have sunrooms that are designed and well-built with precise specifications and are not only high quality but energy-efficient, as well. We use quality materials that are properly structured.

    We provide services such as four-season sunrooms, screen rooms, three-season sunrooms, customized construction, and patio as well as porch enclosures.



    At Rock Hill Sunrooms we assure you that we don't give you just standard services but the best services. We understand that your home is the cornerstone of your life. So, when it comes to lighting and spacing your home, we do the best job to ensure that we improve the value of your home and improve the quality of time you spend with your family. When it comes to four-season sunrooms, we have a recommended, dependable, as well as the recognized team that will help with the four-season sunroom installation.

    We also ensure that we give our customers enough information about four-season sunrooms before installation. This helps our customers understand how the remodeling project will take place. We provide this service by ensuring our customers enjoy all four seasons by giving them an indoor as well as an outdoor look.



    Rock Hill Sunrooms provides the best services when it comes to designing and installation of three-season sunrooms. With our able, professional team, we ensure that our customers enjoy their outdoor view in the comfort of their home with a patio enclosure of the three seasons from spring to fall. At Rock Hill Sunrooms we have quality designs and customized three-season sunrooms.

    The three-season sunrooms will help you connect with nature, and we ensure this and more to leave our customers as satisfied as possible. The three-season sunrooms will refresh your home from spring to fall. The designs are different, and we ensure that our customers understand them before we do the installation.



    Screen rooms are designed to make your home look better and are manufactured for areas with weather-controlled environments to ensure they serve their purpose effectively. The units we install at Rock Hill Sunrooms can be installed on the already existing deck or already existing roofs. They help you enjoy an outdoor view while protecting you from UV rays, rain, insects, or wind. The screen rooms add value to your home while improving the beauty and functionality of your home.

    Customers can choose any design they want to be installed. We have a very capable team at Rock Hill Sunrooms. The screen rooms come with various color options that help match the exterior color of your home.



    We offer custom plans and specifications to our customers to ensure that their sunrooms are the best. The customized constructions add value

    to your home since they look appealing and may attract potential buyers. We also ensure we add living space to our customers by adding square footage of your home in either the family room, your home office, or the game room. There are a lot of options the customer can choose from to make your homes look unique and match the colors you want for your home. Installations are done fast to help save on time so that we don't inconvenience our clients.



    Would you love to make the patio or porch look better and make it useful? Look no more, Rock Hill Sunrooms will make the greatest use of your patio and porch and look better than before. We ensure that we understand our clients if they want a fully enclosed space or partially enclosed and the budget the clients are working with. This is to ensure the client's needs are met.

    We have a team that helps us achieve this since they understand the distinctive designs of enclosed patio and porches. Depending on the specific needs of the clients we offer assorted designs to choose from. We use the best quality material to make it easier for our clients to maintain with little or no challenges at all.


    Contact us today @ (803) 659-3333 for a no-commitment, no-cost consultation!

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